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Interactive Data Visualization

As geographers and data enthusiasts we're pretty excited about the functionality available in the new service called CartoDB. Rather than simply providing a platform for serving geographic data, CartoDB offers powerful features for both displaying and interacting with spatial and non-spatial data.

An ExampleVisualizing the Foreign-Born Population in New York State

To illustrate some CartoDB functionality we've assembled Census data on the foreign-born population at the Census tract and the county level (similar to the data used in our D3 example). Details on the data itself are below but in general we've color-coded Census tracts (which you can choose to represent as centroids or polygons) based on the percentage of the population born in other countries.

The MapForeign-Born as a Percentage of Total Population in NYS (by Census Tract)

Foreign-Born as a Percentage of Total Population

All NYS Census Tracts
  • 0% - 5%
  • 6% - 10%
  • 11% - 15%
  • 16% - 30%
  • > 30%

Toggle Layers

County Layer
Tract Centroids
Tract Outlines
Cities (pop > 25,000)
Additional Map Settings

Limit to Foreign-Born Population

Limit to Tracts

Highlight County

Example Queries

Distance & Population Query

Limit to tracts within

miles of a city with at least people.

Convex Hull
Create a container box
around tracts with at least people.

The ChartForeign-born as a percentage of total population (by county)

CartoDB is not limited to rendering data on a map. In this example, we interactively query our CartoDB database and render the returned data using D3.

Notes & Acknowledgements

*We're using the term "Middle East" because it's more familiar but the Census defines the region of "Western Asia" as encompassing Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Turkey, Armenia and "Other Western Asia".

Thanks to CartoDB support for quick and helpful responses to our queries. If you have questions about this example please don't hesitate to contact us at info@zevross.com