Custom coding and database development for Columbia University

Software for environmental data processing as part of a health study

The project

We worked with scientists at Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory to develop software to process and store environmental measurement data from a study on exposure to air pollution through bicycling.

As part of the project, highlighted in this New York Times article, bicyclists wear sensors that measure air quality, heart rate variability, blood pressure and location (among other things) that collect data for the air pollution study. The project was also featured on an episode of Science Friday.

Our role

Our role was to develop tools to help lab technicians process and store the data. We also developed an application for the public that takes uploaded GPS locations and links them to air quality measurements.

Features of the work

  • Designed and developed the backend SQL database to store data
  • Developed a custom R package to process raw input data (and send it to the back end database)
  • Created an interactive front-end that allows lab technicians to upload data files interactively
  • Created a public-facing web application that allows users to upload GPS tracks and links locations with air quality

Tools used

R, Shiny, PostgreSQL, node.js, Express.js

R, Shiny, PostgreSQL, node.js, Express.js

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