Data-driven web map for the California Department of Public Health

Visualization of Pesticide Application Patterns

The project

On behalf of the California Department of Public Health we developed a web application to visualize millions of pesticide applications by crop and pesticide type. The online application can be found here.

Our role

We built the tool from start to finish including data collection and processing, development of the backend database, development of the API for accessing data from the database and the front-end application.

Features of the work

  • Developed reusable code to scrape and process millions of pesticide application records
  • Designed and created a cloud-based database for storing pesticide data (PostgreSQL/PostGIS)
  • Wrote an API (in node.js) to handle web application requests for the pesticide data
  • Wrote a web application (in Angular.js) to visualize the results

Tools used

R, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, node.js, Angular.js

R, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, node.js, Angular.js

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